Steps of the creation

Colors and materials

“To begin with there is the material, the colors and their combination. Their choices and composition are the essence of my creation.”

According to the ranges selected with great care, Laurine Malengreau creates the colour and material palette that will highlight the best the interiors of the projects entrusted to her, from the most intimate to the most spacious.

Steps of the creation

Sketches and samples

The dry pastel sketch combined with the Nuno sample allows to shape and visualize as closely as possible what will become the final piece of art, and to reveal the richness and complexity of the chosen tones and fibers.

Arrangement of the fibers

Patiently, and with precision, the materials are inlayed on a background in chiffon. Afterwards, the wool, mohair and silk or merinos fibers are placed on top of each other with precision and sensitivity. The colors blend into each other in light or deep shades. The arrangement is ready only when the right balance is reached.

Felting and fulling

By friction and under the action of water and soap, of heat and cold, the scales of the wool fibers open and become encrusted in the silk, to transform into a non-woven fabric. The result, yet affecting the fineness of the materials, is resistant, without needing to resort to sewing or any other binders.


We assist you in the design and development of each project: sketches, patterns, themes, materials, responses to your technical requirements and any special request (custom dimensions, integration of textiles supplied by the customer …). Our close collaboration with local craftsmen with complementary know-how allows us to provide quick solutions to any issue, with great reactivity.

For any further request, do not hesitate to consult us.